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Complementary, Alternative Medicine and Regenerative Therapy Financing

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Alternative medicine practices have become more popular due to an increase in demand for healthcare. Low payment options will increase patient volume and revenue. Finanswr makes growing your practice easier and more efficient by giving you higher approvals and the tools to grow your practice.

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  • Soft Credit Pulls
    Soft credit pulls deliver pre-qualified offers at no risk.
  • Simple and Fast
    Our 100% digital platform enables you to transact with your customers quickly and with no paperwork.
  • True Multi-Offer
    Select from multiple credit products that fit both your practice’s and patient’s needs.

The Finanswr Advantage

Our mission at Finanswr goes beyond providing access to the best lenders and technology platforms: we are a community of businesses and lenders working together to build a mutually beneficial relationship.

POS Consumer Financing is our specialty, and we will provide you with free coaching and consultation so that you can grow sales as quickly as possible.

With Finanswr, your practice can offer your patients instant financing so they can receive care when they need it.

  • Closed-Loop Funding: Customers can only spend approved funds with your practice.
  • Zero Startup Cost: It costs nothing to get started. Additionally, our merchant fees are very competitive and there are no hidden costs.
  • Dedicated Support: We provide the highest level of support to you and your patient.

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  • Multi Lender Platform seamlessly increase approval rates
  • Access to Prime, Near Prime and Subprime Programs
  • Soft Credit pull -tell your customer– “Let’s see if you qualify”
  • Instant decisions
  • High Approvals and Low Rates
  • Approvals up to $55,000

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Criteria for Approval and Monthly Payments

As a result of our long-term relationships with lenders, we have access to prime, near prime, and subprime lending arrangements. By servicing all types of credit histories, your patients have a greater range of options. It is easier to get approved by lenders with some of the lowest interest rates when you are flexible.

It is important to note that many of these lenders do not determine approvals solely based on credit scores. In addition to employment history, debt-to-income ratio, and loan amount, other factors are taken into account. Credit scores can play a minor role in the overall decision-making process, making approval easier and faster.

Upon approval of a client and funding of the loan, your practice receives payment. That concludes your involvement in the transaction. Payments are made by your patient to the lender on a monthly basis, and if for any reason the patient defaults on the loan, the lender is responsible for collecting the money owed.


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